December 11, 2017

My Web Design Process

On this page, you will be able to see exactly how I go about my website building

Initial Meeting Plan
My first step in my website design process is to usually physically meet with you, that is, if each of our locations allow for this.  During our first meeting, I’ll explain the process that you and I will go through.  I’ll get some basic ideas from you on how you would like to have your site laid out and what basic colors you are interested in.  Continuing with the plan, I may ask questions regarding the number of pages(what those pages will be).  I’ll give some commonplace recommendations based on your needs of your site.  I may also ask, what kind of functionality you would like, I.E shopping carts, contact forms, and/or blogs.  You should let me know if you want any additional image galleries, customizations, or slideshows.  I am will happily talk you through this, and give you a quote for exactly what you need.  I’ll let you know my time frames.  I’ll ask  you for 3 sites that you may like for a reference and a guideline.

1st Half of Payment
Once I know exactly what you’ll are interested in, I’ll propose a price and then we’ll agree that price, the first half of the payment may be accepted. After this, work can begin.

Images, Text, Content for Your Site
Finally, I am ready to do some serious work on your site.  I’ll need the images, text-content, company logos.  Your site is ready to start work on, now we just need any text, images, logos, or other content you want on your site. I can pretty much design any kind of graphics into your site so please give me any and all ideas on the graphics that you would like.  Emailing me is the best!

Initial Design
The information that you have sent to us will be valuable as I create the initial mockups for the site.  When I sit and discuss you site, I can get a pretty good feeling on what you may be interested in.  Once I have an initial mockup complete, I’ll send you an email to you for approval. At this point, making changes is feasible and I can adjust many items for you. Once you give me the approval, I’ll start wock on your final design

Final Website Design
Taking all of your submitted images and graphics I’ll start to produce the coding for the final stage of the design process. Taking the initial design as the general guideline, I’ll build  your site using today’s programming and design standards .  These include performance, work in all types of browsers(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. ).  I’ll build in some basic search engine optimization. You site is being created and workd on

Final Review
During the final review, you and I will take a look at your final site.  This is a great time to rejoice, your website is now finished!  You may be emailed a image version of your website for you to review . I encourage you to look closely at the site, and if there is anything else you want to change simply email us with what changes you are requesting and I can let you know if I can do it or not.

Final Payment
Website online!  Your new website is now finished and once you submit the final payment, I will put your website online!