December 11, 2017

Why Choose

Simply Put: gives you control to edit your own site!

3Multimedia is committed to making you happy.  Making changes to a website can sometimes inflict allot of PAIN and or MONEY. At, we can take that pain out of the changes to be made to your website.  “Tony, changes to our site cost us allot of money and are too hard to do”.  Do you know how many times we’ve heard this?  ALLOT!

Every site we develop now includes built in tools that allow the site owner/editor to log in through with a web browser into their very own administration panel so they can edit most parts of their site! Say goodbye to your old WEBMASTER!


Everyone knows that GOOGLE is the most widely used search engine on the planet.  At this is a no brainer.  All of our designs include general SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for FREE! While we pass no guarantee, this will surely help to bring your site to the top

Experience is Middle Name!

Our web-designing experience goes back to the 90’s.  I can take your existing site and transform it to a complete CMS(content managed system) usually within a few weeks.  My programming techniques are “state of the art” and I pride myself “clean code”. I am an expert in utilizing the CMS to dynamically drive your site

We love people. Yes, we are geeks, but we understand that we design tools to communicate with people. People are the true asset, we are facilitators of the work. People are truly our #1 priority.
Our Motto: Spend more time with people at