December 14, 2017

Google Adsense

Today, the word adsense is pretty familiar within bloggers/website owners. Everyone in the world who has been connect to internet must ever seen adsense ads in the page they open.

In other words, adsense has been very popular among people, no matter bloggers or just visitor.

For those who curious about AdSense and have an idea to sign it up, i have some little tips to make sure your proposal approved.

1. Create Email Account, i suggest using GMail
2. Create a blog and give it some content in Adsense Supported Language (i prefer English Language)
3. Open up Google Adsense
4. Register and provide valid information of you
5. Make sure your first registered blog contains more than 10 posts with rich content each post.
6. Do not put too many links on your page, moreover they are all pointing to the same address, for example your home URL.
7. Get a traffic to your site.
8. Gather visitor by your unique information and keywords from the search engines.
9. Then, you just have to wait at most a week after the registration.
10. Play save with Adsense

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