December 11, 2017

Avoiding Penalties for Doing Risky SEO Campaigns

Avoiding Penalties for Doing Risky SEO Campaigns for Link Building

The validity of the statements made by SEO experts about white hat SEO needs to be questioned. Many internet marketers are doing white hat SEO without gaining any results, but they are avoiding black hat techniques because they are afraid that their websites will be penalized.Link

With over 150 million Web sites on the Internet, it’s very important to get quality high page rankings for visibility and SEO. Building quality links or link ing is imperative. While well known, larger SEO companies use ethical SEO practices, there are others who will try to trick or game companies like Google into higher SEO rankings by using unethical techniques. These unethical ways are known as spam and can get you penalized or banned from the search engines.

  1. Link Reciprocation:

    Link reciprocation will not get good results if it is not combined with enough one way back links. Reciprocal links can be easily detected by search engines, and there is a great chance that they will be filtered out from the index. The trust that your partner website has with the search engines determines whether a link will be demoted or not.  The websites that have good quality linking pattern will gain more authority strength from their link exchange. On the other hand, webmasters who builds obscure one way and reciprocal links will have their websites ignored by the search engines.

  2. Page Onload Redirects:

    Making page onload redirects if effective, but the website will face serious consequences if the search engines found out. It will be excluded from the search engines. The best way to transfer content by site or by web page is using 301redirect. Using 301redirect will let you keep the PageRank. You only need to make sure that the domain is functioning properly and the web page discusses the same subject.

  3. Buying Links or Purchasing Links:

    Buying links is very efficient, but you need to do it discreetly with quality websites.  This SEO method is very popular for its effectiveness. It can be a great method as long as you can keep your link buying activities discreet.  A good way to make your purchased link undetected is to put them within the content of your partner’s website. By putting the link in the content, even a human editor will not be able to prove that it is a paid link.  There are 2 common characteristics of an efficient SEO back links. First, they cannot be uncovered by human inspectors or search engine spiders. Secondly, they are really hard for competitor’s websites to replicate.

  4. Building Link Networks:

    Link networks can be approved by search engines if they are built with relevancy and coherency. Link networks are just like link reciprocation because they are easy to be discovered by the search engines. Link networks are even better than link reciprocation because they can be more transparent. Search engines, especially Google, devaluate websites that get too many links that came from the same C block IP range. That is why you should use different hosting services.  If you don’t have enough content to be put in the websites that you will use as a link network, then you should not build one.

  5. Hidden Text:

    Forget about using hidden text because the are not effective and too risky

  6. Cloaking:

    Cloaking can be quite effective until the search engines catch it. But the problem is that your website will remain the same while the web evolves.

  7. Automated Content Generation(autoblogs):

    Automated content generation cannot be considered as a dangerous SEO method is you have clean intentions. However, Google has developed its duplicate content filter so that it is impossible for websites with such content to have good rankings.

It is better for you to buy links than purchasing expensive directory listings. The conclusion is that you need to develop good link practices and to find quality places to link to for good back links

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