December 11, 2017

Social Media….Optimize for it!

Social Media….Optimize for it!

Social networks, social media and optimization with those networks is really flying through the web with a large popularity. Social networks as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, Ning, Tagged, Classmates, Meetup, Friendster,etc. have been in the news lately talking about how popular they have become in the past few years. Some have even been lead to beleive they they may “become the web”. Some others also include You-Tube,, the list almost can go on and on! All of these give you some sort of ‘presence’ in the virtual world. More and more these days businesses and regular people are using the social media or social networks to to optimize and promote their presence through the web.

Social Media Considerations – deepen connections and relationships.

Bloggers and website owners, these days, mostly use social bookmarking sites such as, StumbleUpon and How these sites work is that they give feedback on articles that you webmasters submit, then a judging process “judges” the articles and bumps them up based on the number of votes. This type of social media campaign, can bring massive number of visitors to your site. An article that is accepted well, can deliver a large amount of traffic and comments to that article. When a webmaster or site owner is considering their search engine optimization strategies, it’s most efficient to choose the right path for your optimization. By using all three of those social media sites, they will help a bunch, but they all differ in what they can deliver. Digg will take many votes to deliver excellent traffic, but StubleUpon will take less votes to deliver just some traffic. If you can get enough Diggs from users, you just may get the front page of Digg. By utilizing social media the proper way, it can raise your exposure throughout the web. The more pages that a search engine bot travels throughout the site, the better ranking you could possibly have. When a write is aiming to get higher rankings, building the popularity of the site is of utmost importance and your website traffic statistics will show the story. Users will visit your site simply because they like to read your blog or your rich content. Building up a huge “friends list” on any of the social media platforms is what you want to do, if you desire to promote your business online.. You can now promote your site over and over again to your friends list. the best way is to aim to your target audience with the same ideas, feelings, and collections. You, as the writer, know these people since you are one of them..

Social Media, Working For You!

To get “Social Media” to work FOR YOU, you will need to understand and think just like the social network platforms that you are targeting. The best way to get your site looked at by Google (indexed) is to construct articles on your website or blog regularly. Social network articles, posted regularly, will allow sites as Google to have a search engines so that it makes it easy to locate your blog fast and easy. Once you get you site into the search engines, the sky i s the limit. You can get a lot of organic traffic from being indexed. Undoubtedly, this should bring some organic traffic and making it easy to direct them to social networking site of your choice. With daily,monthly or regular posting of social networking articles, you should be able to people’s trust and respect because you can provide them information they need and want.

Keep in mind that when you write articles online, consider search engine optimization alongside utilizing social media platforms for exposure.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What time of day is your target audience online?
  • What is your goal with the article?
  • Which keywords are you looking to get more exposure on?
  • Have you placed hyperlinks throughout your article to include internal and outside links
  • Have you styled your content styled to help with reading it easier?

This might include:

  • Bullet points
  • Clearly defined subheadings (search engines appreciate this to help with indexing)
  • Key points and fascinating quotes
  • Is the article informative or educational?
  • Do you have your RSS feed setup to show targeted from the articles?

Social Media Campaigns take work. Take your social media campaign and promote it around on the social networks! Promote Promote!. Take the time to build your webtraffic organically by promoting your site(s) through your choice of social networking. If done correctly, using social networking to promote your blog or site can work. Social Media Optimization does work.

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