December 14, 2017

Virtual Private Server VS. Dedicated Hosting Plans

There are many kinds of web hosting companies with various plans shared and edicated hosting plans. There is a plan for any kind of website. One type of web hosting plan that finally became quite popular, nowadays, is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. This hosting plan is a good alternative compared to a regular shared hosting plan in which you have to share IP address with many other webmasters.

Sharing the same IP address with other websites can possibly affect the success of your website. One main negative reason would that you could be faced with the risks of getting banned from search engines or online communities. When other webmasters, that share the same IP address as yours, are being faced with being banned, you could also be banned because you are using the same IP address.

Most of the time, the search engines are viewing websites’ content and when they are hosted on a single IP address as being owned by the same entity. To prevent this kind of problem, many webmasters are using dedicated servers and virtual private servers through dedicated server and virtual private server plans. These are definitely great solutions, but there are still many differences and troubles between dedicated servers and virtual private server hosting accounts. The following information will help you to decide which kind of hosting plan is the most suitable for you and your hosting needs.

Dedicated Hosting
When you use a dedicated hosting account, you will lease a dedicated server to be used for yourself. This will allow you to have more access to server resources. With a dedicated hosting account, you will also have a dedicated IP address so that you don’t have to share your IP address with people that you don’t know. You will be safe from the negative impact that you might get from sharing IP address with other webmasters. Dedicated hosting is the most popular type of web hosting among business owners.

VPS Hosting
A VPS hosting is actually similar to a dedicated hosting. The difference is that instead of having a server for the needs of your websites, you will also have the privilege to configure the server. Most dedicated hosting accounts are equipped with management options for easier administration. VPS hosting does not have this kind of option, so that it is usually cheaper than dedicated hosting.

Finding a Good VPS or Dedicated Hosting Plan
Finding a good hosting plan is actually quite easy. You might be able to find one from your current web hosting provider anyway. The best way to find a good web hosting plan is by reading the reviews that you can find in many web hosting forums on the web. There are many experienced members of web hosting communities who share their thoughts and experiences of using many different web hosting plans. You should choose the web hosting plans that are being used by them.

You can also find many special discount codes or coupons that you can use to get better deals for your hosting needs. The discount codes and coupons changes often, so you should check the forums before purchasing any web hosting plan.
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