January 21, 2018

Buying Backlinks Can Produce Positive AND Negative Results

Backlinks are links from one site that point back to your website. They can be posted in forum discussions or an affiliate website. Typically when you buy Backlinks the link to your website is posted on a related website in exchange for their link being posted on your website. This is a form of affiliate marketing which can generate better SEO results for your company. When you buy Backlinks you can produce negative and positive results easily. Buying Backlinks can increase the number of backlinks to your site which than increases your search engine rank, but if you are not careful, it can result in your site being removed completely from search engines instead of being increased.  Links on Google Plus will also help your site immensely!

Understanding how buying backlinks can produce positive and negative results is an imperative part of your SEO success.

Google and Yahoo both rank your website in terms of the quantity and quality of the backlinks which direct to your website. The quality of the backlinks is determined by how relevant the other sites are to your site and where the link is placed as on the page. When you buy backlinks it is important that you avoid buying in mass because this might not contain sites relevant to your company.

Understanding how buying backlinks can produce positive and negative results is an imperative part of your SEO success. Good backlinks are links which include anchor text. This means that the text can be seen in the hyperlink. This uses relevant keywords in order to increase your rank among the search engines. Other good backlinks include links to and from websites which already have authority. This means sites which already have trust of search engines such as authority websites like Amazon.com. Having backlinks from here can greatly increase your rank among search engines. Another form of good backlinks is when you link one useful website to another. For this, the sites should be relevant to one another. When you have forum signature linking, it means a discussion forum placed outbound links to relevant websites such as yours. This is a great example of good backlinks.

Bad backlinks present themselves in one of two forms. The first form is follow. This means it takes you somewhere. No-follow means it leads you no where. No-follow backlinks will considerably harm your search engine rankings. It is imperative that your links always lead somewhere. Other forms of bad backlinks include link spamming. This occurs when you add as many links as you whether or not they are relevant to your website. Sybill linking takes place when you establish a handful of websites under different domain names and then you link all of those together to try and trick search engines into giving you a higher rank. Using linking software to create many link connections and speed up your SEO process is another form of bad backlinks. These do not create links relevant to your site which then results in the links being marked as spam. If you use bad backlinks your site might get removed from search engines which will damage your business. If you do use backlinks it is important that you seek out good backlinks as a part of your complete SEO strategy.


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