December 14, 2017

Currently working on Two Sites at once

I am currently working on two new CMS based designs:

    • is an old friend’s website. He repairs light construction equipment in the Southern California area. He is based in Orange County and does a great job of doign repairs.
    • is a client that I have serviced since 2002. I originally designed his website using the “handcoding” method. If you all remember, this is how we website designers used to do it. I presented to him a upscale conversion of his website to bring his site up to today’s standards of websites. I explained to him that by using converting his website to use a “content management system” that he would have much more control of his own website, giving him the ability to make changes on the fly instead of having to hire me to do it each time he wanted something changed. Bryan is a local Handyman that does jobs around the Orange County/Huntington Beach/Newport Beach area. We should be complete this week 9/14/2009 – 9/18/2009. He wanted to his “Handyman” business online. We will be helping him with this project.


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