December 14, 2017

Five Ways on How to Get Quality Links for your Website

Five Ways on How to Get Quality Links for your Website

Starting a link building campaign for your website will not only increase your website’s traffic but it will also bring site popularity and heighten your page rank. A popular website with a high PR can mean lots of money for you. So if you are prepared for web fame, here are some ways on how you can get quality links for your website.

1. Create a quality website

A website that offers good content and information to its users will naturally get popular and obtain traffic. If you keep the quality of your site, not only will you attract visitors to your page, you can also get webmasters to visit your site and if it has good content, it can be referenced by their website thus increasing your link count.

2. Reciprocal links

You can also increase your links with reciprocal links. In simpler terms, this is a link exchange where a webmaster place a link to your website in his site and you in return will also put a link to his website. Make sure that you choose a high quality website that is at par with yours when you do a link exchange.

3. Inbound links

There are many ways on how you can get inbound links. You can search for people-run directories where you can submit your website link along with a short description of your site. Make sure that you choose the right category for your website in directories to attract targeted visitors to your site.

You can opt to place your links in free web directories or if you have the budget for it, place a link to paid directories that offer link placement for a fee. Paid directories usually have a high page rank.

4. Buy links

If you are serious about link building, you can buy links from websites with a high page rank. Outbound links are sold at a higher price and the higher the PR a website has- the steeper its price. Make sure that you get a related website where you can place your link. Links are sold in webmasters forums at varied prices and conditions.

You can also buy blog posts from websites that have relevance to yours. Webmasters usually allow you to place your own content or be a guest blogger on their blog and allow 1 to 3 links that directs to your website with your chosen keyword.

5. Distribute content

You can buy or write articles related to your website and distribute them to article directories. This will not only increase the relevancy of your site but also increase your link count and improve your page rank. Article directories allow its authors to include a website URL in their author box. You can take advantage of this and place your links here.

Articles in article directories can also be re-used by other webmasters as content. If your article is any good, you are sure to have a website or two put up your article on their site which means another free link for you.

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