December 14, 2017

Five Quick SEO Techniques for your Blog

Five Quick SEO Techniques for your Blog

A lot of newbies are very energetic to know how to profit by using SEO from the Internet and a lot of them are starting with blogs SEOand how to SEO them up. Blogs are very ideal to use because you do not need to be a techie to be able to create one. You can blog to increase your website’s page rank and to profit from it. Blogs are great supporting tool for your main website or as a stand alone site.

Here are some techniques on how you can optimize your blogs with SEO.

1. Pick a theme for SEO

If you are to create a blog, choose a single theme. This will bind all your posts together. This is very important for the search engines (seo) because websites will have a higher page rank if the posts are relevant to one single theme/ keyword. Search engines will give negative points to blogs that are not coherent, consistent and relevant to your chosen keyword. So if you want to profit from your blog, better pick a theme and stick to it! That said- you should choose a theme that you will not get tired writing about.

2. Invest in a Domain for SEO

As soon as you decide what theme you will write about, get a domain relevant to your keyword. If you are serious about profiting from the Internet, then you should invest. A domain plays around the cost of $10 per year. Make sure that you get a keyword rich domain related to the theme you choose. If you will blog about ‘parenting’, then choose a domain with that keyword on it. If you really don’t have that $10, then you can choose free websites as long as you add the keyword related to your theme then you are on the right track.

3. Post it right

If you are to do a post, make a title that is also related to your theme and should contain your keyword. Make sure that your posts also have a keyword density of about 3-5%. Make sure that you do not overdo the keyword stuffing in your post, else, it may be tagged as a spamming. If you were to use pictures, give it an appropriate title and filename with your keyword on it.

4. Strengthen your link campaign

With a blog, it is very easy to link up to other blogs and websites. What you can do is to find related websites that have the same theme as yours. Talk to the webmasters of these sites and as for a link exchange. You can use a keyword that points to the URL of your site. It will do a lot of good to your pagerank if you linked up with a website with a high PR.

5. Post regularly

Search engines love fresh and original content.  SEO Relies on it. If you do not want to be buried down the search engine results make it a point to post in your blog on a regular basis. This way, search engines will know what’s new in your website, which means a better chance of achieving a higher page rank and much improved SEO for your blog.

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