December 14, 2017

How to Get Natural Traffic Using Organic SEO

How to Get Natural Traffic Using Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a search engine optimization method.

The aim of organic SEO is to get a website listed in the top rankings of search engine SERP without having to pay for anything. Most webmasters love this kind of method because it generates continuous traffic. The following are the things that you should do for organic SEO.

  1. Content Optimization
    First, you need to conduct a keyword research to find some long tail keywords that are related to your business. You might find a great niche that you want to earn money from. Use the keywords in your website’s contents. However, you must not fill your text with lots of keywords and phrases because it will look like spam.
    To apply organic SEO to your website’s contents, you have to deliver relevant sales copy. This is an important thing to do in order to let the visitors know that they have found the right website that provides the right information.
  2. Meta and other tags
    Nowadays, not all Meta tags are as important as they used to be. The title and description tag are the most important thing for the search engines. You have to make sure that you include your website’s keywords and phrases in both tags. You also should put the keywords in the images tag.
  3. Social Bookmarking
    Using social bookmarking websites is a great way of doing SEO. A social bookmarking website provides a platform that you can use to share your links with fellow users. There are so many social bookmarking websites on the web. StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg are some of the most widely used social bookmarking websites. You should register for an account in such large social bookmarking websites and bookmark your stuff. Most social bookmarking websites also provide buttons that you can use on your website to let people share your web page through social bookmarking platforms.
  4. Link Exchange
    You should exchange links with other websites. This is a very simple thing to do. You put their links on your website, and they put your link on their websites. You need to make sure that you are exchanging links with websites that are about the same niche as yours. You also need to make sure that your partners’ websites are high quality websites. Do not do this for landing web pages with capture forms, because landing web pages should only provide the entrance to sales funnel.

There are still many other methods that you can use to get organic traffic by ranking on the top positions of search engines SERP. Organic traffic is good traffic, because it is well targeted and the visitors are more likely to buy something from you.
Driving organic traffic using organic SEO is quite easy, but it does take some time. The results depend on the keyword research, which is actually the foundation of online marketing and organic SEO.

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