December 14, 2017

Google Plus For Business Pages

With the new launch of Google Plus, many businesses are eager to continue their social network media expansion by creating business pages. However, creating these business pages must wait. There will soon be a large opening for Google Plus for Business Pages, unfortunately that opening is not yet.

The announcement of Google+ Brand Pages or sometimes named Google+ for Business Pages was announced on November 7th, 2011.

We found a cool tutorial on how to setup your Google+ Business Page.

In terms of Google Plus business profile pages, Google Plus asks that businesses hold off for now. For now, Google Plus lacks the hangout features for websites, brands and businesses and if any businesses create profiles they will be removed. The policy team is actively working to shut down non-user profiles for now until Google Plus is ready to accommodate businesses.

Google Plus is a new social network which has opened a large wave of new invitations, making it more open to contacts and friends. For businesses, Google Plus Business is still being designed to match all of your needs, but is getting closer each day. For businesses which have created Google Plus accounts, the features are currently aimed at consumers, but will soon meet all of your business needs. Google Plus has taken dramatic form over the last week, with great companies getting involved. The product still lacks all of the sensibility and usefulness that is necessary to create a complete business-consumer relationship. Businesses and individuals interact in different manners which is why there are still initial bumps along the business-oriented path for Google Plus.

Google Plus for Business will reinvent the social media and business connection bringing rich organic Google search to social media pages for businesses.

Businesses are currently encouraged to wait before they begin on Google Plus. The features that Google Plus will offer businesses in the future will meet the new dynamics between users, but until then, business users run the risk of having their Google Plus pages shut down until the tests for businesses is complete. Until then, tests are being conducted with businesses who apply. Even those businesses who do not wish to be considered as part of the testing group can benefit from receiving the first updates for the availability of the Google Plus for business pages. In the meantime you are still able to conduct business matters through the use of Google Plus pages. You are able to have your employees set up individual pages through Google Plus so that every member of your company can better communicate during the work day with one another. Businesses are able to find each other through Hangouts or send stream updates which are work-related to those employees and co-workers which are on a need-to-know basis.

Google Plus is meant to challenge aspects of the continually-redeveloped Facebook network but in doing so much continue to work on meeting the challenges and demands of small and large businesses. While still young and developing, Google Plus is adapting to the social networking needs of companies little by little.

On Facebook, the things you post are then visible to all of your friends, unless you specifically place certain people on a limited list and then alter your privacy settings to not allow those people to ever see your status or updates. Most of the time, the posts you put are not meant for everyone to see. You might only want a select few people to take notice of them, but not your entire friend list. With Google Plus you can organize friends into as many “circles” as you want, creating different groups. You can create circles for your friends, work colleagues, associates, and friends. You can select which circle you want to see your updates. You are then able to see the posts within your circle all at once instead of visiting the profiles of each person to view their updates.

As updates continue and business pages become a reality, having familiarized yourself with the features of an individual profile will make establishing a business profile much faster and more lucrative.

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