January 21, 2018

How Social Networks Affect Your Website’s SEO

Social networks, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have become one the most relevant aspects of building a respectable SEO (search engine optimization), good page rank or a social media promotion campaign.  Social media just isn’t simply another tool which connects clients to businesses. It’s a great tool to connect businesses to client as well.  Facebook Fan Pages for businesses is a great powerful tool that harnesses the power of Facebook’s members.  Google+ for Businesses is also on it’s way. Even though Google+ hasn’t announced that business pages or business profiles are allowed, many are trying to jump on the bad wagon of the power of Google in promoting their businesses with Google+.  There isn’t one social media platform that carries the utmost authority in terms of matching businesses with success. Facebook does a good job, but the question is how will Google Plus for Businesses handle it’s strength in allowing businesses to promote themselves online?  There are over 750 million users on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google and Bing have recognized the power that these sites hold by linking your page rank directly with the authority your business has on these pages.  Google has announced that +1’s will be counted towards SEO, so this is big.

How will Google Plus for Businesses handle it’s strength in allowing businesses to promote themselves online?

Twitter is a crucial aspect of any successful business. In terms of reputation management, Twitter is one of the best tools businesses have. Using the @ and # symbol, businesses can directly contact customers to show that they care. In order to directly emulate link building, your company needs a good quality of Twitter followers, a large number of followers, and a large number of retweets and mentions.

In terms of the quantity of your followers, the more you have the better you can build your links. The number of followers you have will directly affect where your company ranks. Therefore, the more followers you have linking your sources as well as your articles, the higher your page rank will become. In terms of the quality of your followers, you want to ensure that you have high quality followers, not just followers for the sake of followers. It is important to have high authority authors following your business, mentioning your business, and linking to your site in order to positively affect your rank.

The number of retweets and mentions will directly affect how many times your company is linked. This will draw more traffic to your site and provide your original link with more authority. Being an authority does not means that you must be an authority on every topic. Posting relevant Tweets is one of the best ways to increase your ranking. You want to ensure that you are not limited to a single topic, but that your content remains relevant.

Facebook has become a tool imperative to the success of your SEO strategy. Everything mentioned pertaining to Twitter should also be applied to Facebook. The quality and quantity of your fans and friends is very important. You can also connect your Twitter account with your Facebook profile to increase the visibility and accessibility of your site and company. Along that note one of the best ways to build your rank is to utilize internal linking. Facebook offers users entire profiles which means you can link your twitter account, your website, your blog posts, your author bio, etc… you can literally link everything relevant to your Facebook to keep your friends and followers updated. Whenever possible it is good to offer incentives to people for friending your company page or linking your articles to their page or Twitter. Be sure to turn to friends, family, and coworkers first to help increase your personal networks and spread your page. The more people who see your page, the more traffic you can get toward your articles and your SEO rank.


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